Thursday, December 21, 2006

Much better w/o the mask

I think it's time to take up the cudgels for the man with the iron mask, germanys next top CEO of national HipHop: Sido. „Nicht mehr umdrehen, einfach weitergehen, nicht mehr zuhören, einfach weiterleben (…) auch wenn mir irgendwann die Scheiße bis zum Kinn steht, Nase zuhalten, und ich geh’ meinen Weg.“ he once stated. That's exactely what he did and now he's back with a really great package of beats on his killeralbum called Ich. Passed seem the times he droppes Fuffies im Club. But listen for yourself. (By the way: The interludes, especially the one that goes to germanys MTV-presenter Sarah Kuttner are really funny at all …).

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